10 Steps to Choosing Patio Furniture

by Kaylyn

Patio furniture adds comfort and elegance to your outdoors. More than being merely attractive, the patio has to be more functional to add value to your home. Furniture makes all the difference while you are outfitting your outdoor area. Simple additions like a wicker sofa or a rocking chair add to the beauty of the outside living space. In addition to having relaxing evenings, a well-furnished patio can be the best event destination for your family and friends. Check out these tips to choosing  patio furniture for your outdoors.

Make A List To Choosing Patio Furniture

Before you buy, Choosing Patio Furniture imagine how you want the outdoor space to be. Keep in mind the space and the functionality of the furniture you want to buy. Do you want it to be just a reading area or do you wish to host dinner parties? Once you get down to the basics, consider the material you want to choose and start making a list. This will ensure you do not buy anything you regret buying later.

Quality Over Quantity For Choosing Patio Furniture

Invest in good quality furniture that will survive the seasons and not lose its charm. Furniture made of materials like plastic resins may look great for some time but lose its shine after a year. If they are in the sun for too long, they may not even long for a year. Wicker and wood pieces also lose their coloring and become brittle after a particular period. Shop properly and take good care after you buy any furniture pieces.

Patio Furniture

Check Before You Buy A Choosing Patio Furniture

Check if the furniture you want to buy is comfortable after all. If the furniture is uninviting, the chances are that no one wants to use them even if they have good looks. Furniture assembled with glue and nails does not last long the outdoors (or even the indoors). Go for the ones that are fixed with dowels and screws. Also, see if the furniture is squeaky. If it is, avoid buying it.

Buy One at a Time

Do not buy everything at once. New homeowners find it very difficult to resist buying all the furniture for their homes in one go. You tend to spend more if you buy all the furniture in one sitting and you may also buy something you don’t need but just to fill up the space. Avoid wholesale purchases as you will never know the price for individual items.

Go for Easy Care

Your time in the garden should be reserved for enjoyment and not for maintaining your furniture. Look for patio furniture that is very easy to care for and maintain. Plastic fiber and resin furniture require more care depending on the weather conditions. Instead, choose teak, metal, or wicker pieces that survive all the weather conditions. They also look brilliant for many years, so you do not have to replace the furniture often.

Furniture Style and Design

Consider what you plan to buy and how you want to use it. While elongated chairs and chaise lounges are a perfect option if you just want to pass the time idly, a table paired with comfy chairs and cushions is suitable for family meals. You can even opt for an umbrella setting and cushions for a more comfortable summer experience. Your outdoor furniture should be a feature, so pick your pieces wisely.

Consider Storage

What will you do with your furniture during the off-season? If your patio furnishings are left outside during the monsoons and winters, they might not last long. Unless they are under a roof, outdoor furniture is best protected by storing in the basement or the garage during the off-season. If you do not have enough storage space, buy patio furniture that can be easily folded and stored away.

Color Options

While natural tones of wood are fancied by everyone, beige, white, and black are good options, especially if you are looking for metal pieces. I prefer soft colors for the furniture and pick cushions and other accent pieces in splashes of bold colors. Picking the right colors means you don’t have to be disappointed once you lay the pieces in place. Also, you don’t need to replace them for a while.

Consider Dual Purpose Furniture

Dual-purpose patio furniture helps you get the most out of your space. If you are too short on square footage, furniture pieces that do double duty will come in handy. A convertible garden bench or a sofa table that instantly converts into a dining table – all add more space and functionality to the patio area. You can also bring them indoors to use during the off-season.

Underfoot Options

Rugs tend to bring all the comfort of the indoors to the outdoors and give the patio a perfect finishing touch. Nothing is more decorative and pleasing than placing your furniture on a rug made of all-weather materials. Look out for rugs that dry quickly and are made of sturdy fabric yet give a soft feel to the feet. Avoid heavily-patterned rugs that are too bright and stiff.

Patio décor is more than just being attractive. Adding long-lasting and comfy patio furniture adds value and increases the comfort factor. Make your outdoor transition joyous with the right kind of furniture and accessories.

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