10 Steps to Protect Your Roof

by Kaylyn

Keeping your roof in good condition and protecting it from the heavy rains, storms and rain is a tough task – especially during the winters when snow and ice damage the shingles and cause leaks and other damage to the roof. However, following the right maintenance tips help you keep your roof in good condition through any time of the year. While many of the steps and tips can be taken care of by you, professional help may be needed where things go out of your hands. Check out the ways to protect your roof properly.

1. To Protect Your Roof Check Inside

Check inside your home for any dark spots and any signs of leakage. Dark, browning spots on the roof and walls and bubbling of the paint on the walls indicate water leakage. So, check for any leaks and damp spots before you move on.

2. To Protect Your Roof Move to the Loft

If the roofing and the walls are fine, move on to the loft. The best tip is to do this on a sunny day so that you will see any water leakage or lighting lancing through the damaged shingles. Also, look out for any signs of recent dampness or leakage.

3.To Protect Your Roof Check Outside

Once you are done checking inside, it’s time to move on to the outside of the roof. Look out for any damaged or missing shingles and make a note so that you’ll get an idea about the cost involved.

4. Uneven Roof

Other than missing and damaged shingles, if the roof looks curling and cupping and is full of chipped and dislocated shingles, it means your roof is too old. Old roofs are better replaced than repaired as there is not much difference in the cost either way.

Steps to Protect Your Roof

5. Check the Chimney

 Once you are done inspecting the tiles and shingles, pay attention to your chimney. Check the flashing and ensure it is not peeled, damaged, o dislodged. Skylights, vents, and other structures that penetrate through the roof should be checked thoroughly to ensure the sealant is good and not peeling away or cracking.

6. Check Moss

Moss holds water, and that’s the actual problem rather than its effect on the aesthetics. It harms your roof a lot more than you think. Catch moss early and you’ll be able to sweep it away quickly. Ignore it, and it costs much more. To kill the moss, opt for products that are non-toxic and contain potassium salts.

7. Clean the Gutters

Keeping the gutters clean is important when you want to keep your roof in good working condition. Debris piled up in the gutters prevents the water flow through the spouts, thus soaking and damaging the roof. Gutters also protect the foundation preventing wet basements. So take care of the gutters to save your home and the bills to fix the damage later.

8. Install a Gutter Brush

Why not just install a gutter brush while you’re still up there to save time and money. The gutter brush is well designed to keep off the debris from piling up in the gutters. It also requires very little maintenance and is a savior, especially around spring and autumn when dry leaves and twigs fill the gutters. Give the gutter brush a jet wash once a year and be peaceful all the year-round.

9. Check Around Your Roof

Once you are done checking the roof, check what’s around it. Overhanging trees and branches too close to the roofs could damage the roof now or later. They also provide easy access to rodents and birds that scrape and damage the shingles. During strong winds or storms, branches could break and cause more damage than you can imagine. Keep the branches trimmed off regularly and ensure they are at least 10 feet away from the roof.

10. Seek Professional Help

Damage costs caused by leaks and other reasons exceed the costs of fixing. So the best way to avoid these costs and keep your roof in good condition is to make regular checks throughout the year. Contact professional help if you do not have proper equipment or expertise. After all, your thoughts should always be about safety more than saving money.

While there are several roof maintenance tasks we can handle ourselves, some areas need expertise that can be ensured only when we hire an expert for the job to get it right. Also, take proper care not to walk on the roof and do not get on top of the roof if heights make you uneasy. Roof repair is a time-consuming and costly affair. It is always best to hire a roof maintenance professional to protect your home far into the future.

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