4 Amazing Ideas For Windowless Bathrooms

by Kaylyn

It does get annoying when you realize that you cannot re-create that beautiful bathroom design you saw on Instagram or Pinterest because your bathroom has no windows. here some Amazing Ideas for Windowless Bathrooms

Natural light makes the space appear calmer and more peaceful. Still, it is also necessary for some ventilation to remove unwanted dampness. 

Not having a window or arrangement for ventilation of the moisture of the washroom can encourage mildew and mold growth. It will affect the health of all the people who use the washroom. 

Additionally, high humidity can serve as a home for bacteria that spreads diseases like the flu and strep throat.

However, there are a few ways to brighten up your boxed-up bathroom and make it look airier, calmer, and classier. 


Even if you don’t have windows in your bathroom, you can still adopt these ways to make it a Windowless Bathrooms of your choice.


Adding a mirror is not a pro tip, but where to add the mirror is. Understanding the positioning is important. Mirrors are a perfect piece of accessory to add to your boxed-up washroom as they will help reflect the artificial light.  

Mirrors in odd locations are a great way to make a room feel bigger. Placing your mirror closer to the ground makes the floor appear to go on forever. You can also create the look by using a mirror for bathroom toe kicks or cabinet doors.

When no natural light comes in via a window, it may be difficult to reflect light about the room. Adding a LED mirror is a beautiful idea. It can be powered by batteries or electricity from the mains and will add more light to the space. It might be expensive, but it makes the room look 10X better and is a perfect spot for bathroom selfies.

An entire wall of mirrors truly goes the additional mile to make the room appear larger than it is. 


There are numerous ways to improve the overall appearance of the restroom, like adding an accent wall, some beautiful geometric tiles, or going with the modern minimalistic look. We have ideas for all  Windowless Bathrooms.


As shown above, though tiles are classic, you can always find some unique and pretty patterns that can change the entire look of your washroom. Plus, tiles are an economical option.

beautiful bathroom design

beautiful bathroom design | Credit: doomu

Other than that, Tile tolerates wetness so well. They are the go-to option in places where water is used frequently.  In a bathroom, where excess moisture may lead to harmful issues like mold and mildew, it makes the ideal non-porous material to have. Hence, it’s long-lasting, pretty, and cheap; what else do people want? 

Pro tip: Go for more oversized tiles. This method makes the bathroom appear bigger. Using smaller tiles causes grout lines, and the washroom looks smaller.

Accent walls in the washroom

Accent walls are a perfect option if you have a love-hate relationship with colors. Nothing is as attractive as an accent wall. You can go with lighter shades for the overall washroom as it makes the space look bigger and brighter and add splashes of color here and there as an accent or paint one single wall. It gives a very modern yet artistic look. 

You can do this with tiles as well. You can paint all walls white or some subtle colors and use tiles on one of the walls. Blue tiles especially go well with white walls. It completely transforms the appearance of the washroom, and it’s inexpensive!     

Minimalistic look

Currently, minimalistic designs are in trend, and if you are someone who loves subtle colors, then this option is for you.

As we can see above, minimalism is all about being clutter-free, keeping the place clean and tidy, and sticking to neutral colors.

Other than that, going with the color white for the washroom is the best idea. Nothing is as calming as white walls. Plus, they are better than mirrors when it comes to reflecting light.

Windowless Bathrooms

Windowless Bathrooms | Credit: Peter_visual

But white is not just for the washroom. You can add other white accessories, too, like the breezy chair, tiny rug, tiles, and fixtures to keep the space feeling light and airy.


If you are a plant lover or do not want to spend much money or time making it in the washroom, add some plants here and there.

 It’s the perfect and easiest way to decorate a windowless washroom. It gives this natural vibe and makes the space look pleasant, peaceful, and airy. Some plants may survive with little to no natural light, or you might go for an artificial plant.


Windowless bathrooms can give the illusion of smaller and stuffed spaces. Plus, bathrooms without windows are naturally darker, making them look disorganized. 

It’s necessary to keep accessories to a minimum and everyday necessities (like shower supplies) hidden away. But apart from that, you can make a few changes in the design of the washroom, which can make the same space looks more extensive. 

windowless bathroom ideas

windowless bathroom ideas | Credit: Photology1971

Instead of installing a standard tub for maximum openness, go with a walk-in shower with a fixed glass panel and a swing. Also, remove the age-old stuffy, light-sucking, and warmth-creating curtains to make the place more pleasing. Though this is an expensive option, it can free up a lot of space, making the bathroom more pleasing.    

You might have seen wall-mounted sinks and toilets and how they make the space look clean. They don’t require a pedestal or cabinet to conceal the plumbing pipes. In the wall-mounted models, the toilet or sink hangs over the floor without the usual support. It’s known as the “float” or “hover effect.” Though this is an expensive installment, it is quite worthy. It’s the new trend, and it is going to stay. 

Similarly, you can go for thin rails and wall-mounted shelves where you can store supplies. To accessorize, you can use particular hues or materials or go with glasses or another transparent material to maintain a clean aesthetic. 


However absurd or funny as it may sound, many people choose to place a window curtain in front of a cool-running light bulb or arc lamp to create the illusion of a window. It’s a game of perception, and nobody will open the window. You can achieve the same effect by putting a mirror in the window frame.


As discussed above, there are hundreds of ways (expensive and cheap) to make a windowless bathroom more pleasant. It’s all about using these tips and tricks properly, and boom! You have an instagrammable washroom in your home. Whatever design you choose, always keep in mind to have proper ventilation, and you are good to go!

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