Best Lighting Options for Bathrooms

by Kaylyn

Bathroom lighting plays an important role in setting the mood and creating convenience. There are a variety of Lighting Options for Bathrooms. You have to consider the space and usage of the bathroom before installing the lights. Here are some interesting lighting options for bathrooms .

Types Lighting options for Bathroom 

Lighting Options for Bathroom Ceiling lights

If you want to keep it simple and create overall lighting in the bathroom, you should go for ceiling lights. These are best suited for small as well as large bathrooms. You can choose the design as per your requirement.

Lighting Options for Bathrooms LED lights

These are the best option for cost-effective bathroom lighting. If your bathroom needs lights during the daytime, LED lights are highly energy-saving and beneficial in the long run. These are not expensive, considering the reduction in electricity bill. They are comfortable for the eyes.

Bathroom lighting ideas

Bathroom lighting ideas

Lighting Options for Bathrooms Tube wall lights

Tube wall lights are a stylish way of illuminating your bathroom. These are shaped like tube lights that come in clear glass sconces. This helps create the illusion of high ceilings. Tube wall lights look great when they are installed on the wall. These are suitable for spacious bathrooms as well. You can place multiple lights along the shelves and mirrors for effective brightness.

Lighting Options for Bathrooms Pendant lights

Pendant lights are the best choice if you want to create an attractive look in your bathroom. These are sure to glam up your bath space with their modernistic design. You can hang these near the mirror for better lighting and stylish reflection.

Recessed lights

These lights help highlight a wall, vanity, or bathtub. Recessed lights add focus when you’re installing them. You can place them above mirrors, niches, and corners for overall illumination.

Backlit mirrors

You can add lights behind the mirrors in your bathroom to illuminate them dramatically. This soft lighting creates a different ambiance in the bath area. Backlit mirrors look great in spacious bathrooms.

Layered lighting

If you like to add multiple lighting in your bathroom to create different moods, you can layer them with other lights. This lighting effect works well for large bathrooms. You can add ceiling or recessed lights as the top layer, hanging lights or backlit mirror lights as a middle layer, and footlights or tube wall lights as the bottom layer. This type of lighting is useful when different persons have different lighting requirements in the bathroom.

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