Best Outdoor Security Cameras

by Kaylyn

Security cameras not only help keep your home safe from intruders while away but are also very useful in keeping an eye on regular movements to detect any suspicious activities. Here is a list of some of the best outdoor security cameras for your home.

Arlo Pro 3 Was One OF The Best Outdoor Security Cameras

This are the best outdoor security cameras with a 160-degree wide-angle offers a quality resolution of 2K. It comes with a night vision feature and a siren that triggers in case of any suspicious movement. Another important feature includes a spotlight which can be operated if you sense any motion.

Arlo Pro 3 also offers high-quality audio and uninterrupted two-way conversation. This security system has two weatherproof cameras and lets you add more if needed. You can pair it up with Alexa or Google Assistant devices. These features make this camera a little expensive, but you can make the most of it.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Nest Cam IQ Was One OF The Best Outdoor Security Cameras

This system offers key features such as facial recognition and human motion detection. It comes with a 4K image sensor, which allows you to see the picture even when it is zoomed without causing the image quality to blur. You can customize zones to trigger motion specific to those areas. Nest Cam IQ is weatherproof and has a built-in Google assistant.

Maximus Smart Security Light Was One OF The Best Outdoor Security Cameras

This security camera doesn’t even appear like a camera at first glance and is smartly camouflaged as a decorative lantern. People are unlikely to take note of the camera, even though it is visible. Designed to be weatherproof, Maximus smart security light has settings to customize the light and record messages that can be played when the system detects movement. It also has an internal siren.

Kami Smart 

This cost-effective security camera has all the necessary features to provide effective outdoor security. It is highly weather-resistant and gives you a good view of the corners. This system offers night vision, movement detection, setting activity zones, and audio. Its smart human detection is a key feature that can identify a real person and negate other false things like pictures.

Ring Floodlight Cam This security camera is a great way of warning visitors that they are being watched, as it is noticeable. It has a central Ring camera and 3,000 Kelvin floodlights on both sides. Its key features include high-quality video, weatherproof design, and an internal siren. You can customize specific zones to detect movement and have the option of a noise cancellation setting for the audio conversation. When the camera detects humans close to its range, it zooms in on them and moves along with their direction of movement. This Ring cam is ideal for surveillance where there is a lot of footfall.

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