How to pick the right faucet for your bathroom sink?

by Kaylyn

Want to give your boring bathroom a makeover? You may begin by sprucing up your washroom by installing new faucets and painting the walls. Here are some things to think about while shopping for new bathroom faucet for bathroom sink for your shiny new tub or sink.

Choosing the right faucet for bathroom sink right 

You can choose the right faucet for your bathroom sink based on different factors. Check what fulfills your needs before buying.

faucet for bathroom sink with right style

Remember that space limitations will play a significant role in determining the kind of faucet you purchase. How much room you have in your sink determines which type of faucets you may install. Deciding on a design aesthetic may give your bathroom a more contemporary, classic, or eclectic appearance. Here are some frequent types and their respective applications.

faucet for bathroom sink with Freestanding

It’s possible to put a standalone faucet in any sink you choose. With these, the proportions of the faucet are set in advance. Thus any size sink may be used with it so long as the spout is long enough to reach the sink. A basin or sink of any size may be placed underneath or beside the sink, much like a wall-mounted faucet, giving the user additional options. A standalone faucet is a fantastic option if your bathroom is on the smaller side or you prefer a more contemporary look.

faucet for bathroom sink with Countertop

Installing a sink’s faucet into a countertop is the standard method. The spout and the handles of these faucets come together to form a single unit on your counter. The traditional design may cause splashing owing to changes in water pressure, but the longer spout gives you much more control.


A bridge faucet is distinguished by having a single spout in the middle and two knobs on each side. The difference between a bridge spout and a center set spout is that the latter requires more than two holes in the sink to be fastened, while the former only needs two. Aside from that, it may be used with pretty much any kind of sink design.


Centerset faucets need three holes in the sink, counter, or another installation surface to be correctly secured. The two-handled spout jugs have a single base and a spout. It is the most traditional sink faucet and looks excellent with any countertop sink.

Single hole

A faucet with one or two handles designed to be installed into a hole in the sink counter is called a “single hole faucet.” Most of the time, these faucets are sold as a single unit that may be attached directly to yours. Many come with extra holes bored into them for additional security.


Faucets designed with a vessel sink are known as “vessel” faucets, and their elongated height distinguishes them. You may only be able to adjust the temperature or the water pressure with one hand because of the single handle most common on these faucets. Because they resemble antique bronze and wooden containers, these sinks are perfect for individuals who like a more organic vibe in the bathroom.

bathroom sink faucet ideas

Control Methods for a Faucet

You may adjust the water flow from your faucet in several ways, each somewhat different from the others. The many faucet-tuning choices are outlined below.


Faucets may be controlled in various ways, although knobs are among the most frequent. The temperature of the water and the direction of the water flow may be adjusted independently. By activating both at once, hot water may be produced immediately. It’s only two knobs, really.

Cross handle

Rather than using knobs, cross handles mimic the on/off action of knobs by having separate handles for hot and cold water. Cross handles are a kind of control that is analogous to knobs.


Pull or flip up the handle to use a joystick. The complete functionality of the faucet is concentrated into just one lever, eliminating the need for any knobs or cross handles. Changing from hot to cold requires a clockwise turn while turning it the other way turns the water off.


There are also “touchless” types available for the more tech-savvy user, eliminating the need for physical knobs and levers. You may turn on the sink in many modern workplaces by pressing the faucet’s handle. Individuals with mobility or other impairments will appreciate the temperature handle’s convenience.


Faucets’ physical attributes and aesthetics are affected by the materials used to make them. Choosing the suitable material for your faucet requires balancing its desired visual characteristics and practical functionality.

Stainless steel

This iron-based alloy is not easily corroded, can withstand moderate heat, and lasts long without breaking down. Stainless steel coatings may keep their luster even after repeated usage in the shower. It can be cleaned quickly and effectively with simply soap and water. However, stainless steel is surprisingly scratch-prone. Therefore gentle cleansers are recommended. As a result, it is often more costly than other faucet finishes.


Since bronze is an alloy mainly composed of copper, bronze sinks are often long-lasting, resistant to scratches, and simple to maintain. The widespread availability of complementary bronze fixtures makes it simple to coordinate a bronze faucet with any existing sink finish.


Brass, made from copper and zinc, is another long-lasting sink material. Although it is comparable to bronze, brass usually has a dull sheen rather than a shiny one. In conclusion, constant care is required since the material is susceptible to fingerprint and watermark stains.


For a sink, it’s one of the more affordable alternatives. Faucets made from zinc or a composite alloy aren’t extremely long-lasting but are corrosion-resistant. These faucets are cheap, but they typically need to be changed after a short time.


Plastic is the weakest material available. Plastic comes in various colors, but none are pleasing to the eye. Even though plastic is the least durable material (lasting just a year or two under normal usage), plastic faucets are lead-free.

Dimensions of Standard Sinks

Size matters, so keep that in mind while shopping for a faucet. Size matters in terms of sink and bathroom size. Smaller sizes are the norm for those with smaller spaces, and bigger sizes are the norm for those with larger spaces. Having a compact faucet means you may choose how large or elaborate your sink will be. The obvious drawback is that your sink is small and has restricted capabilities.

Conversely, a combined hot and cold water tap may be found on a big sink faucet, giving it much greater utility. Larger faucets are increasingly widespread since their extra features are helpful for the whole family and don’t take up much more space than standard models.


Installing a new sink or faucet may be a pain when you’re not used to it. The plumbing skills needed to install a given faucet might vary widely. Freestanding faucets are one thing, but a bridge or single-hole faucet is slightly different. Faucet installation is often easier than sink installation. Once you figure out what’s going on with your plumbing, putting in a new sink or faucet is a breeze. Some houses, however, need a plumber’s assistance to reroute water lines.


Possibly the most important aspect is the price of a replacement faucet. Spending anywhere from $20 to $250 or more on a new sink faucet is possible. Many modern attachments and accessories are available for your faucet, but it is essential to remember to stick to your financial plan.

Although these extras may increase the price of the faucet by a significant margin (often by a factor of three or more), they are seldom worth the additional outlay in the long run. Think about the design of your bathroom, as well as the faucet’s material and finish. An accessory is unnecessary if it does not improve these two areas.


Remember to factor in your demands and available funds when shopping for a new sink faucet. A simple faucet that provides hot and cold water is all required, even though it may appear necessary to spend on some of the luxuries and upgrades available. Find the ideal faucet with a style that blends nicely with the decor of your house.

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