Homemade TV Stand Ideas

by Kaylyn

A TV stand doesn’t have to be a standard, store-bought, expensive model. You can create your own with the available materials and customize it accordingly to fit in the space. Wall mounting the TV may be the best idea to save space, but you need a stand to complete the look. A TV stand helps keep your digital devices in one place. With these DIY projects, you can design your Homemade TV Stand .

Materials for Homemade Tv Stand

If you have any wood material left from your previous project, it will come in handy here. Fit metal pipes through two wood boards, and you are done! The extra wood board helps create a shelf for storage. Finish it with cool fittings for the metal pipe legs, and you have a rustic TV stand.

Homemade Tv Stand With Dresser

This is a simple project to use an old dresser and turn it into a sleek TV stand. You just need to clean, sand, and paint an unused dresser in dark hues to make it blend with the interiors. It wouldn’t even look like a dresser anymore, and the bonus is you have multiple storage options.

Homemade Tv Stand With Table

A simple table or a desk can be utilized as a TV stand by remodeling it. You can build one from scratch easily, and it wouldn’t cost much. Consider adding X-legs on the sides of the table to add a style statement. Paint it in bright colors such as classic white to draw attention.

Homemade TV Stand Ideas


You can use an old bench from your lawn and design it as a TV stand. It may sound odd, but a bench is ideal for spacious rooms. You can have a large TV stand and a perfect room divider. Make sure to match the color with the walls to create a fuss-free partition.  

Corner Shelf

If you have a built-in corner wall shelf, you can simply fit your TV there and use it. This helps save space and money. You can model a corner TV shelf using wood if you don’t have an inbuilt shelf.

Wood and Concrete

You can easily assemble a TV stand with the help of two wooden boards and four concrete blocks. Balance the wood on top of concrete blocks, and you have an easy DIY TV stand with a storage shelf. This adds a rustic element to the home décor.

Floating Stand

You can build a floating shelf with wood and compartmentalize it for storage on the wall. You can also use a bookshelf and mount your TV with all the electronic devices. A cool floating TV stand model also acts as wall décor.

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