How Does Kitchen Chimney Work? All You Need To Know

by Kaylyn J

A home is not complete without a kitchen, where family members gather to cook and spend time together. But did you know that your kitchen can be even more efficient and functional with the addition of a kitchen chimney? Kitchen chimneys work to pull cooking fumes and smoke out of the room, making your cooking experience more pleasant and healthier. This blog post will look at kitchen chimneys and some of the different features you can find on them. So, if you’re considering adding one to your kitchen, keep reading!

What Is a Kitchen Chimney?

A kitchen chimney is a ventilation system installed in the kitchen to eliminate cooking fumes and odors. It works by drawing in air from the kitchen and then venting it outside.

Now, there are two central kitchen chimneys: ducted and ductless. A ducted kitchen chimney has a duct that leads outside, while a ductless kitchen chimney doesn’t.

Both kitchen chimneys work the same way—using a fan to create a vacuum. This vacuum pulls in air from the kitchen, filters, and cleans it before being vented outside.

Benefits of Having a Kitchen Chimney

Imagine trying to cook in a kitchen where the smells of frying bacon, simmering sauce, and baking cookies are all competing for attention. It would be pretty tough, right?

That’s where a kitchen chimney comes in. A kitchen chimney helps eliminate those pesky smells so you can cook without feeling like you’re in a fog. Not only that, but it also helps keep your kitchen cooler during the summer months.

A kitchen chimney is a great way to keep your kitchen clean. It filters out the smoke and grease from your cooking, which means less mess for you to clean up later. 

How Does a Kitchen Chimney Work?

Do you ever wonder how a kitchen chimney works? I know I do! It’s a pretty simple process. The fan in the chimney draws the air out of the kitchen and pushes it up through the duct. This causes a vacuum to form, which sucks the smoke and fumes from the cooking area and deposits them into the chimney.

how does kitchen chimney work

how does kitchen chimney work | Credit: triloks

The filters on the chimney help remove harmful particles from the smoke, and the hot air is then expelled outside.  

How Can you Clean your Kitchen Chimney?

Let us walk you through the process of cleaning your kitchen chimney.

The first step is to remove the baffle. The baffle is the metal piece located at the top of the chimney. This piece catches grease and smoke, so it’s essential to clean it regularly.

The next step is to clean the filters. Filters must be cleaned monthly, depending on how often you use your kitchen chimney. To clean them, remove them from the chimney and soak them in hot water mixed with dish soap.

Once the filters are clean, reinstall them and replace the baffle. And that’s it! You’ve just successfully cleaned your kitchen chimney.

Bottom Line

A kitchen chimney is an appliance designed to remove cooking smoke, odors, and heat from the kitchen. By removing these contaminants from the air, a kitchen chimney helps to make the kitchen a more pleasant place to be. Kitchen chimneys come in various sizes and styles, so choosing one that will fit your needs is essential. We hope this article has helped you understand how kitchen chimneys work and has given you some ideas about which model might be best for you.


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