How To Clean Your Upholstery Like A Pro?

by Kaylyn

The upholstered furniture gives more comfort, but cleaning and maintaining them are the most challenging job. Even if you are careful, you may find food stains, snack crumbs between cushions, pet hair, muddy prints, and more. By banning pets and food on upholstered furniture, one can’t prevent these stains. But all you need to think about is how to clean your upholstery quickly. 

This blog post shared some best ways to remove tough stains and stubborn pet hair. Read until the end to learn more about cleaning and maintaining different types of upholstered furniture. 

Clean Your Upholstery Identify The Codes Of Upholstered Furniture

Different upholstered furniture has different fabrics. Therefore identify the care tag of your couch or cushions, as it will provide you the guidelines on how to clean the fabric of your furniture. 

Below are the codes that the upholstered furniture industry uses. 

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  • Code W – These fabrics are easy to clean with water-based cleaners. 
  • Code S – These fabrics need dry cleaning or solvent-based cleaners to remove tough stains like oil, greases, or dirt. 
  • Code W/S – These fabrics can be cleaned either with water-based or solvent-based cleaners. 
  • Code X – For these fabrics, it is suggested to go only with vacuuming or brushing. If you use any cleaners to remove stains, it can cause damage to the material. 

If you found the code, follow the guidelines. If there is no code, test the fabric in an inconspicuous area to know how the stains should be treated. 

Tip: Don’t use too much water to clean the fabric of upholstered furniture, as it can lead to mold and mildew growth inside the cushions.  

How To Clean Your Upholstery?

Cleaning upholstery can be done in three practical ways. Vacuuming the couch, removing stains immediately, and general upholstery cleaning can keep your upholstered furniture clean and new. 

Clean Your Upholstery Instructions

 To Clean Your Upholstery Things you need:

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Solvent-based cleaners
  • Warm water
  • Baking soda
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Whisker
  • Sponge or cloth

How To Vacuum Upholstery?

One of the easy and effective ways to clean your upholstered furniture is vacuuming. Regular vacuuming will keep your furniture clean regardless of the type of upholstery. Make sure to have a hand-held vacuum cleaner, which can grab cookie crumbs and minute dust particles. 

Choose The Right Tools

A purchase vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. This highly effective filter can also capture pet dander, dust, pollen, and bed bugs. If you also want to remove bacteria, dust mites, or viruses, choose an ultraviolet vacuum cleaner, as it is an effective solution for killing offenders and removing them. 

Vacuum Every Nook And Corner

Be it a couch, benches, cushioned stools, or whatever the upholstered furniture is, vacuum every nook and corner. Don’t forget the sides, back, and bottom of the upholstery. With a crevice tool, vacuum the entire upholstery, especially the corners that are never touched by humans. 

Clean Your Upholstery Like A Pro

Clean Your Upholstery Like A Pro

How To Remove Stains? 

Before you start cleaning your upholstered furniture, you should remove stains. 

Remove Solid Stains

Don’t scrub the upholstery to remove tough stains like grease or sticky cheese. Scrubbing could push the stain deeper into the fabric. Therefore, take a microfiber cloth or paper towel to absorb the moisture. Use a knife or the edge of a spoon to remove any dried stains. If the dried solids are still stiff, use a soft brush to loosen the dried material. 

DIY Cleaning Solution

Ask the manufacturer of your upholstered furniture whether your upholstery is pretreated with an upholstery protector. If your furniture is not pretreated, prepare a cleaning solution to clean the stains. Take a bowl and mix one-fourth cup of dishwashing liquid and one cup of warm water. Whisk it well and clean the stained area with a sponge or towel. However, to minimize the stains, it is always better to buy pretreated furniture with an upholstery protector. You can also check the code of your upholstery and clean the fabric accordingly to prevent damage. 

Rinse & Dry

Finish the cleaning process with the sponge or cloth dipped in clear water and allow it to dry. By doing so, you can clean any leftover detergent or cleaning solution on the upholster. If you want to use dry cleaning solvent on your upholstery, follow the instructions given on the product. 

Remove Pet Hair

If you have a furry friend who would love to play on your couch, try these below tips to remove your pet’s hair.

  • Wear rubber gloves and run all over the furniture to remove pet hair. 
  • Use furniture brushes to remove the fur easily. 
  • Buy a vacuum that is specially designed to tackle pet hair. 

DIY Stain Removers 

Deal with the stains as early as possible to remove them quickly. Try these tips to remove stains from your upholstery. 

  • Basic upholstery cleaner: Mix 1/4 cup vinegar, 3/4 warm water, and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Use this solution to remove stains on upholstery. 
  • Sticky stains: Sprinkle baking soda or salt on the stains, sit for 20-30 minutes until it absorbs the moisture, and vacuum it. 
  • Coffee stains: Take a mixture of vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and water in equal quantities to clean the stains. 
  • Blood stains: Use hydrogen peroxide and then water to remove blood stains. 
  • Crayon stains: Blot with non-gel toothpaste and rinse it with water. 

Bottom Line

I hope these tips help you in cleaning your upholstered furniture. If your upholstery is made with velvet or any fragile fabric like linen, it would be better to take professional help to handle stains.

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