Tips to Grow Your Own Monstera Plant

by Kaylyn

Monstera is a big sporting leaf with natural splits and artistic perforations. This is sure to wow interior spaces. Monstera is a house climber to uplift your interiors. It can be seen in print on clothes and accent walls and its easy to grow your own monstera plant

Monstera grows moderately well in a year and thrives under indirect sunlight. You can place it in any sport with light, and it works as a decorative plant. You will only need to take it outside a few times a year to promote growth. This green climber can be toxic to pets.

Tips to Grow Your Own Monstera Plant

Tips on How to grow your Monstera plant

  • Monstera prefers indirect light and less water to grow. You should water when the soil feels slightly dry. It’s fine if the soil is moist, but ensure it is not over-watered.
  • Spray gently with water once a week on the leaves to keep it humid. If you find that the leaves are turning brown around the edges, it needs water.
  • To remove dust from the leaves, clean them gently with a damp cloth or give a quick shower. 
  • If the leaves turn yellow, you must check the soil and water them. It may have gone dry.
  • Monstera plants can also live indoors under artificial lighting, but the leaves grow smaller than the plants that receive indirect sunlight or direct heat for a few hours a day. 
  • You may use fertilizer to boost its growth during warmer weather conditions.


Monstera, being a climber, needs some support to climb onto and thrive. Choose a container with drainage. This plant prefers a container with good airflows, such as clay. Add fresh potting soil to the container, place the roots and cover it. Place a stick or pole in the container alongside the plant. You will notice aerial roots coming out from the stem as it grows. 

This helps support the plant, and you should leave them be. If these grow too long, you may direct them gently into the soil for extra absorption of nutrients. It is easy to propagate the Monstera plant using stem cuttings. Air layering is also another preferred way of propagation. If the plant is outgrowing its container in a year or two, it is better to report it in another bigger pot.

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