Guidelines on How to Grow Your Snake Plant Better

by Kaylyn

The snake plant is popular for interior decorations but is an air purifier. It can remove toxins from your house or surroundings. grow your Snake plant in a easy way and it is easy to maintain and suitable for beginners.

How to grow your snake plant?

 Grow your snake plants in the best places where there is indirect sunlight. You should choose a spot in your house that is brightly lit but not receiving direct light. You may also place this indoors in low-light or shaded spaces, but the growth will be slower.

Choose a container with good drainage, preferably a clay pot or terra cotta, as it allows airflow. Plastic containers cannot drain soil quickly or absorb the humidity from the air. It is better to use potting soil of succulents when potting this plant, as it resists moisture retention. follow the below tips to grow your snake plant

How to grow your snake plant?

 Useful Tips

  • For Grow your snake plant you should have follow the below tips
  • Start with a plant having small leaves and healthy roots when you start to pot it. You can use a small container for this.
  • Being a succulent variety, this plant needs very little water as the leaves retain moisture.
  • Water it once every two weeks or so.
  • If you see that the leaves are drooping instead of upright, it indicates that the plant is short of water.
  • If the leaves are turning yellow, then it means that you have not watered them in a long time. You should not wait this long to water the plant, or it will dry out.
  • When you find that only a few leaves are starting to droop, the plant is short of sunlight instead of all of them. You need to take it outside or to a place which is well lit.
  • Propagation of this plant is very easy. You can use the leaf cuttings and plant them directly in the soil or place them in the water first for air layering.
  • When you use leaf cuttings to propagate the plant, place it in the pot of gardening soil and do not water it immediately.
  • When using the air layering method to propagate, you should cut a three-inch leaf and leave it in water. Change the water regularly, and you can see the formation of the root. Now, you can plant these roots in a container.
  • If you want to move your snake plant from a darker spot to a brighter place, you should not do it suddenly. Moving it to a slightly less dark place than the first is better than moving it to another slightly brighter place. Giving it time to adapt to the changes prevents the plant from breaking into shock.
  • To check whether the plant needs water, it is better to press your finger in the soil or use a toothpick to see if there's any moisture in the soil or not. If it is dry, water it lightly, and if the soil feels sticky, you should wait a few more days to water it.

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