How to Hang a Mirror – More Than What Meets the Eye

by Kaylyn

A mirror, when precisely placed, can give a room the appearance of being larger and classier. But, this work is not as simple as hammering the wall and hanging the mirror. Small or hand mirrors are easy to be hung anyhow, anywhere. But to hang a large and heavy mirror requires planning and extra care. Did you go for it to enhance the room’s beauty and class? The mirror is to be placed where most people can see their reflection, and the wall is capable to supporting the hang a mirror

Mirrors can be placed anywhere, in bathrooms, bedrooms, and entranceways. The most attractive way for a mirror is in a hallway, which gives the impression of the hallway being larger, longer, and classier. Once the position for the mirror is decided, one must decide how to hang the mirror on the wall. This is a job for two people, so one must always make sure they help before setting out to hang a heavy mirror. One must ensure they have three things at hand to do this correctly and safely.

How to Hang a Mirror

Steps to follow for Hang a Mirror

First: A good quality D ring picture hanger. One must ensure that the hanger is of high quality because the cheaper ones bend to the weight of the heavy mirror. They are not quite expensive and are easily be found in the hardware store. 

Second, mirror wire: This too is quite easily found. But mirror wire is to be specifically bought and not the picture wire. 

The third and last thing to be bought is the “molly bolt,” hollow wall anchors, and they come in different sizes, so one can choose them according to the size of the mirror.

To know this, one must know the mirror’s weight to be hung. They usually come in kits, and while dealing with drywall, much is not enough. One can do better weighing a mirror than estimating the weight. The following are the steps to hang the mirror.

Measure and mark one-fifth of the distance from the bottom to the top of the mirror on each side on the back of the frame. The next step is to drill the holes after positioning the D rings. Attach with screws and rings after drilling pilot holes in them. Do not over-tighten the rings. Leaving the wire warmly tight between two rings, insert the mirror wire through each ring and twist the excess wire to keep it from unraveling

Positioning the mirror comes next, drawing a light line on the wall at the top of the mirror and measuring the mirror, and marking four points on the wall where the mirror is hung. Hold the mirror by the attached wire and hold it up against the lines on the wall, mark where the molly bolts will go. Install the molly bolts with hooks at the lower points, and the mirror is elegantly hung.

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