How To Make An Effective Interior Design Color Selection?

by Kaylyn

Interior design color selection is an essential component of interior and architectural design. Several types of research proved that colors influence our emotions in several ways. Selecting the interior design color Selection is the most important decision in interior design.  

Your interior design color selection should be based on several things, such as your design style, your home’s aesthetic, and, of course, your tastes. Also, the choice of colors will depend on whether it is balanced, dramatic, or relaxed. Here are several ideas for making the right interior design color selection:

Colors can alter your mood as well as fix some emotional imbalances. For instance, red color can jazz up your energy; blue color can calm you down; yellow can make you more positive, etc. So, you must decide on your color and personality before deciding on anything.

Here is a brief overview of interior design color selection:


Red is a vibrant and dramatic color. Choosing the red color for living rooms can add warmth and make the environment pleasant. Painting the kitchen and dining rooms with red color can stimulate the metabolism. The red color in bedrooms can create a feeling of intimacy. As red is a powerful shade, it is mostly used as an accent.

Interior design color selection


Green is a calming, relaxing, and healing color. Most interior designers suggest olive and sage greens as they are more appealing. Green for the kitchen and dining area gives an inviting and fresh look. Green encourages the digestion process for living rooms after moving from the dining area. Green for bedrooms produces a sense of light and space and a feeling of harmony.

Interior design color selection


Several kinds of blue shades are a perfect interior design color selection. Blue makes you feel more relaxed, holy, and centered. It encourages peace and relaxation that’s why most people prefer blue color for their bedrooms. Blue improves productivity and is the right selection for kids’ study areas. Blue works less well for the kitchen and dining room. As blue is a clean color and has an association with water, it works effectively when used in bathrooms.


It is one of the most used effectively among the interior design color selection. The white color makes the room look bigger and cleaner and also gives the room a bright look. White is a good color choice for bedrooms and living rooms when used with any other combination of colors. The white color gives the impression of cleanliness. That’s why most people consider white cabinets or white walls for the kitchen and dining area.


Orange is a warm and welcoming color. Most shades of orange are cheerful, bright, and improve appetite. For living rooms, orange offers an upbeat and friendly tone. It doesn’t work well for bedrooms as this shade can be too thought-provoking. Orange can be comfortable to use in the kitchen and dining area. It gives a pleasant and relaxed feeling when you work in the kitchen.

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