Ideas to Design Kitchen Countertops with White Cabinets

by Kaylyn

White cabinets are the most preferred choice when renovating a kitchen as they pair well with wall colors and countertops. White cabinets are easy on the eyes, but at the same time, they create a sleek and refined look. Keeping your kitchen space and taste in mind, you can combine white cabinets with different countertop material types and colors. This means your choice is not limited. Find the most feasible option for designing your Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas with white cabinets.

Effective  Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas For White Cabinets

Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas for Dark Countertop

Contrasting dark color with white is a striking combination that adds a modernistic touch to the kitchen. Most dark colors also go well with the overall design of the kitchen. Glossy red, bright blue, or mahogany, all rich colors, justify the white kitchen cabinetry. The classic black and ivory white combination never leave a lasting impression. A dark-hued countertop with a splash of white scattered all over the surface creates a cool look against the frosty cabinets.

Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas For Bright Countertop

Bright colors equally work well with white cabinets. An all-white kitchen model may feel overwhelming, but the white color and its many shades blend easily without looking fussy with any kitchen design. A white kitchen adds a bit of sophistication and creates a fresh look. Yellow is another bright kitchen countertop option that adds a quirky feel.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops Design Ideas For White Cabinets with Light-toned Countertops

If you are a mellow person who likes a warm environment, cream and beige are the colors that help add a touch of softness to the kitchen. Gray is another shade that has a neutralizing effect on a white kitchen. Gold is also a soothing color that creates a magic effect combined with white cabinets. Light colors also enable you to add detailing, such as an accent piece on the countertop. 

Choosing Countertop Material Types

Certain countertop materials can only be found in specific colors. Each material type has its own naturally occurring pattern. Even with these properties, it is easy to pair these materials with white.


Quartz countertops are a popular choice, especially for traditional kitchens. The pattern with dispersed specks on the surface adds a natural look and highlights the kitchen design.


Another most sought-after kitchen countertop is the granite stone which provides good durability. This natural stone is available in many colors, leaving you with plenty of choices. Gray granite is mostly used in contemporary kitchens and white cabinets to create a neutral look.


Wood is a good choice for creating a serene and softer kitchen ambiance. Wooden countertops contrast and compliment the white cabinets perfectly.


For a rustic kitchen model, marble countertops suit well with white cabinets. A white marble countertop on white cabinets makes an elegant style statement.

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