Know the Procedure of How to Regrout Your Wall Tiles

by Kaylyn

Before knowing how to regrout your wall tiles, it is important that you know what Regrouting Wall Tiles Procedure.

There comes a time when the tiles on your floors and walls become old and start chipping off and staining as well. This looks bad. This is when people plan to replace the whole flooring or the wall with new tiles. This involves huge expenses. However, the good news is that the whole floor need not be replaced. With a little creativity and knowing how to regrout your wall tiles, the damaged tiles can easily be repaired by grouting. 

Re-grouting is basically the procedure where the filling between the two tiles is removed and then the tile is again put back to place with a new feeling. This is a job that needs lots of patience but once done; it will look great.

How to Regrout Your Wall Tiles

Regrouting Wall Tiles Procedure

The first thing that needs to be noted is how to regrouting wall tiles procedure is whether your tile will need any kind of re-grouting. This should be done only if the tile is a non-sanded grout. 

Once you determine the same, start collecting the necessary tools for beginning your work regrouting wall tiles procedure. Some grouts should be removed at the beginning. This includes around 1/16 of one inch. The different tools required for the removal of the grout are a diamond blade which helps in the cutting of the tile, a razor which helps in the scrapping of the old grout, some new wet cement, and a tool for cutting the edges and corners of the tiles.

These tools are advanced tools required for these specific purposes. You will also need a bucket containing water, together with towels, sponges, and margin trowels that would be required. Other necessary items would be scrub brushes, phosphoric acid cleaners’ chemical-resistant sprays, and scrub pads. You yourself need to wear gloves as well as goggles for protection.

Mastering the Art of Regrouting Wall Tiles

The tiles are usually fastened to the wall with a thin set which is a special adhesive for the attachment of tiles. When this is hardened, fresh grout, better known as cement, is forced into the connecting spaces between two tiles and then wiped clean. Water needs to be applied at regular intervals at the beginning for the grout to harden after which the tile would be fixed. While re-grouting the wall tiles, you must remember that the edges and corners are well re-grouted because this is a very delicate place where a crack can form very easily.

While re-grouting the tiles we should also take special care that the color of the grout can be matched with the existing grout. The Fein Multimaster tool is an essential tool by which we can remove the existing grout in the wall tiles. Also, while grouting the tiles it should be ensured that there is no dust or any air gaps or vacuum in the middle. The tiles do not get well attached if there is a vacuum.

These are how you can know how to regrout your wall tiles. Try applying these simple techniques to your walls to make them all new.

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