Stunning Shower Makeover Ideas for Inspiration

by Kaylyn

A shower room is very important to the household. Convenience and design should be kept in mind when you are thinking of sprucing up your shower space. Showcase your style with these stunning shower makeover ideas.

Shower Makeover Ideas for captivating tile designs

There’s a variety of patterns and designs to choose from for tiles. You may use marble or porcelain, depending on your budget and requirement. Look for interesting patterns for wall tiles such as floral, beach, woods, etc. These may be basic, but some patterns also offer different textures. If you choose the bubbles pattern, you can see them pop out and feel the different shapes. You may also use statement tiles for a small section in your shower room and combine them with ceramic or porcelain tiles. This will create a focal point in the shower area.

Eco-friendly journey with our Green Shower Makeover Ideas

Green is the most happening color in recent years for bath spaces. You can choose tiles in dark green to liven up your shower room. This is another way of bringing the outdoors in. A green hue on wall tiles makes for a bold statement. You can also throw some house plants for the added dramatic effect.

Shower Makeover Ideas for nooks and niches

Add a corner shelf or niches for storage when designing your shower area. You can use different tiles or continue with the same pattern for these handy nooks. You can prop up not only shower supplies on these shelves but can also place decorative items such as small plants, bath salt jars, or small trays of toiletries.

Shower Makeover Ideas space management

If you have a small space, you can choose an all-white tiles design to make your shower area look more spacious. White tiles also reflect light, giving the illusion of a bigger area. You can go for folding doors if space is constrained and avoid inconvenience. Wall-hung toilet seats are another way of managing small bathrooms. Add only corner shelves and corner wash basins for optimum utilization of small shower space.

Shower Room Makeover Ideas

Tile-up the walls

If you have a narrow bathroom, consider tiling the walls up to the roof to make it look spacious. Most interior designers opt for this idea to minimize the damage to walls due to excessive moisture build-up. Tiling up the entire wall is also helpful in preventing the paint from chipping when there is minimum ventilation in the room. To create visual interest, you may use a contrasting tile design for the floor. Add a huge mirror, preferably floor-length, in narrow or small spaced shower rooms to make them look more spacious.

Try different looks

Look for a classic brick tile wall to create a rustic effect. Try hexagonal-shaped tiles if you like geometric patterns. Using wood-panel look tiles, you can also give your tiles a wood appearance. Tiles that come with metallic finishing or glossy shine.

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