Modern showers and creative shower heads for your Stylish Bathroom

by Kaylyn J

What is that one thing one wishes to do when he/she comes back from a tiring day at the office or gets up in the morning preparing for a new day, undoubtedly it’s the shower? There are many ways to make the shower pleasurable and, at the same time, creative work.

Shower heads come with small holes and large holes and both come in different plating like chrome, steel, ceramic, metallic, etc. These are various ideas that one can adopt to make the shower a bit adventurous. One can go for conventional steel and ceramic shower heads that give a simple yet elegant look. An overhead shower that suspends from the ceiling of the bathroom is another idea that relaxes and vitalizes one’s body. 

showers and creative shower heads

Some shower heads also come with a sound system that will play according to one’s mood and similarly, the shower head sprinkles less or more water. Side showers are also rectangular with small holes and can be installed on all four walls of the bathroom. Bathrooms that have Jacuzzis and bathtubs can have overhead showers attached to the ceiling, and they can have longer lengths compared to the conventional ones.

For children, showers that have faces or bodies of a cartoon character or some superhero sound a good option so that they enjoy taking bath. Shower panels are available which have both overheads as well as telephone showers. It is said that showers that have concentric piercing save water too.


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