Hit the Cookery World with Exclusive Small Outdoor Kitchen Designs

by Kaylyn

The kitchen is the most important place in the home because it is where the family comes together when the dinner is cooked and served. Due to this reason, kitchens should be designed carefully by keeping all the important considerations in mind to come up with a perfect kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are in great demand because they provide sun, space, more rooms for the kids to play, and good space for the family members to do things together. Besides the materials and the accessories, the factors that make Small outdoor kitchen designs unique include specific needs and personal touches.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Exclusive Small Outdoor Kitchen Designs Ideas :

  • Small outdoor kitchen designs include various factors: storage space and seating space requirement, counter space, work areas, and functional zones.
  • Work areas and functional areas are where important works such as cooking and storing the food can be done. To differentiate the areas, the kitchen should have separate zones such as cold, hot, dry, and wet zones.
  • Cold zones should include freezers, wine chillers, and refrigerators, while hot zone should include grills, cooktops, and pizza ovens. The dry zones consist of cabinets, storage, and food preparation items, while the wet zone consists of ice reservoirs, beverage tubs, and sinks.
  • In small outdoor kitchen designs, the counter space varies according to the size of the kitchen. It should be proportional to the size of the kitchen.
  • The landing area is an important point to be considered while designing small kitchens. These areas provide the cooking space for plates, utensils, and resting pots close to each working station.
  • The seating space requirement is also an important factor when designing a small outdoor kitchen. It includes appropriate knee space below the table and counters, the width of the seats, and between seats. The comfort and convenience of the occupant should also be kept in mind.

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