Tips to Help you grow a Parlor Palm

by Kaylyn

Parlor Palm is a popular indoor plant of all indoor palms. It instantly uplifts interiors with its bright green foliage. if you follow the tips for parlor palm it  is easy to care for and thrives well within the household. It is most sought by people living in apartments, as it survives well in filtered light.

Parlor palm belongs to the family of small Palm and is of Mexican origin in the deep, dark rainforests. This is why parlor palms can live for many years in the dark corners of a house. It is also tolerant to heat and light and can survive outdoors in any soil. Artificial light is also enough to sustain this plant indoors. Parlor palm hardly shows any growth in height even after a year but is lively enough to enliven any space.

Tips For parlor Palm  Grow And Care

Tips to Help you grow a Parlor Palm

Parlor palm is a good choice for beginners too. It is also known for purifying the air of toxins in your house. You can place this plant in a moderately sized container, and you may not need to change the pot in years, as the growth is slow. Place it in a shaded spot or near a window with indirect light. Parlor palm requires only a little water for survival, so you need not overwater it. Too much water can kill the plant. Also, ensure that you are not exposing the plant to direct sunlight for hours. It can dry up the plant.

You can use any good-quality peat mixed potting soil in the container. When watering, ensure the soil is slightly wet and not oversaturated. If yellowing, the plant is short of water. You may use fertilizer once a week or avoid it, as it doesn’t require much.

This plant is propagated using seeds only by experts in this field. It is not possible to propagate it with leaf or stem cuttings. You better not try to propagate it at home, as this plant has sensitive roots. It doesn’t need repotting, but you may want to change the container if the soil becomes waterlogged to prevent root rotting. You should do this carefully as it has weak roots.

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