Top 5 Office Game Room Ideas

by Kaylyn

Today’s companies are not just places to work. They believe in healthier workplaces that incorporate fun and relaxation activities as well. when we design office spaces it is common to think about office game room ideas

Here are five office game room ideas for inspiration:

 Office Game Room Ideas for Equipment

Most office game rooms include facilities for indoor games such as table tennis, foosball, dart board, snooker, chess, and popular board games. If the idea is to reduce screen space, then avoid gaming consoles.


Game rooms can also offer relaxation corners with options to indulge in light reading or listening to music over headphones. You may add a couple of swings and rocking chairs to make it more interesting.

Office Game Room

Food and Snacks

Having a snacks counter or a sports bar as an extension of the office game room is a good idea. Provide healthy food options to renew energy rather than soft drinks and pastry items.


The décor and design of office game rooms are as central as the equipment. It sets the theme and mood for unwinding. Colorful wallpapers and playful flooring make the place vibrant. Seating and lighting are other areas to explore too! Floors can be designed to double up as dance floors and include floor games such as hopscotch.

Jamming Sessions

Place a few musical instruments in enclosures within the game room. This can set the stage for jamming sessions and allow art lovers to relax with music.

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