What To Do When Your Sink Smells

by Kaylyn

Even after a rigorous and regular cleaning, are you getting a stinking smell from your kitchen area? Your kitchen sink can have a significant role in this. 

A kitchen is where the aroma of delicious food suits and not the stinking smell of a sink. However, even after diligently using the sink cleaner and garbage disposal, we occasionally overwork our kitchen sink drains. Knowingly or unknowingly, food particles, grease, and many not-so-pleasant things get stuck in the sink’s pipe. After a few days, it decomposes with the presence of water and releases a stinky smell.

If you, too, are waking up to this foul smell coming from your kitchen and want to get rid of it, this is where you will get the best solution. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to get rid of the foul smell from the sink in the kitchen and many ways to prevent any future happening.

10 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of The Awful Your Sink Smells

Let’s get right on the point without wasting a single moment for  Your Sink Smells

3 Effective Tricks to Try If You Have a Garbage Disposal when your sink smells

Your Sink Smells than use Hot Water and dish liquid/soap

Start this process by letting a sink filled with hot water drain through the garbage disposal when the water runs steadily. It is the most effective trick and never fails to do the magic. 

The actual procedure is;

Set up the stopper in the sink’s drainage, and fill the sink with hot water up to a few inches. Pour a splash of dish liquid or soap into the water. Let the disposal happen and remove the stopper to let the water flow through the drainage pipe. It differs from simply running the faucet because the disposal will fill with water. And that is where the magic lies. Try it and witness it by yourself. 

Your Sink Smells than use Ice cubes, coarse salt, and lemons peels

If the first stage fails to remove all the bad smells and you are still smelling the foul odor from your sink. Therefore, this method steps in. This step ensures the disposal blades are clean and free of any remaining gunky food bits. The effective combination of ice cube, coarse salt, and lemon peels is a three-punch cleaning wonder.

This procedure goes like this for Your Sink Smells

You poured some ice cubes and kosher salt down the garbage disposal. While the salt scrubs the sides of the grinder, the ice helps shove food off of it. You carried out the flushing one more for good measure before adding some freshly ground lemon peels. Awesome! It appeared to work, and we hadn’t smelled anything since.  

Lemon and vinegar ice cubes use for Your Sink Smells

Above tricks are feeling lengthy for you to implement? Let’s help you. Take your ice cube, pour in some white vinegar, and place lemon wedges in it. Take the ice cubes and crush them in the drainage. 

The step-wise procedure is;

Slice a lemon into thin (quarter-sized) slices, put the wedges in tiny cups, add distilled white vinegar to the cups, and freeze the cubes overnight. Remove the cubes from the tray the next day and crush some of them in the garbage disposal. Turn on the switch and start a gentle stream of water. And, just like that, the foul smell ceases from your sink.

When Your Sink Smells

When Your Sink Smells

5 Amazing Tricks to Try If You Don’t Have a Garbage Disposal

Boiling water

When getting rid of odors, use hot, boiling water. If you ever boil water for boiling pasta or for tea, do not let the water cool off at the stove. Instead, dump it down the sink. It may be enough to rid mild drain odors. If not, continue reading this list to increase the cleaning effectiveness. Still, you’ll notice that a thorough hot water flush follows each trick.

Baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water

You must have heard of the effectiveness of baking soda at your home or through the internet. It is a beneficial ingredient for ceasing the foul smell from the sink. Take a cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar. Lah down the baking soda and the cups of vinegar from the top. Let the mixture spread on the base of the sink. Afterward, pour the boiling hot water into the sink. 

Baking soda, salt, vinegar, and boiling water

Adding just a pinch of salt to the applied and tested trick of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water works immensely. Take half a cup coarse salt, half a cup baking soda, and a full cup of vinegar. Pour this all into the sink. Put a lid on it, so the bubbles from it work only in the drainage. Take off the lid after 30 seconds. After that, pour a pot of boiling water through to remove everything and dissolve any still present salt.

Hot vinegar

Are you a coffee lover who brews coffee at home? You may not believe it, but as good the coffee smells when brewed, as worst smell it releases when deposited in the sink. Coffee wastes frequently cause the sink to clog and emit an unpleasant smell. The most effective and necessary ingredient for removing kitchen odors among all available chemicals is hot vinegar.

When hot vinegar is thrown down a drain, it deodorizes the drain. The acidic constituents are neutralized, resulting in neutral solutions. It, in turn, lowers the levels of scent that are bound to develop.

Baking soda, essential oils, and boiling water

Tired of cleaning and dealing with the foul smell of the sink, and now you want your sink to release some pleasant smell? A few drops of your favorite essential oil down the drain after you’ve finished baking soda will do the trick. After adding a half cup of baking soda, add a few drops of essential oils like eucalyptus, tea tree, and mint. Let it lie overnight or for about an hour if you’d like. Then, rinse it with piping hot water. The following day, you will wake to a refreshing aroma. 


To keep the sink of your house fresh and clean always;

Your Sink Smells than Sprinkle baking soda down your drain periodically.

Please do not allow the offensive odor from the sink to return now that it has disappeared after all this effort. To keep it that way, occasionally pour baking soda down the drain to absorb odors. It is pretty useful when you’re leaving town and won’t be using your sink for a while. You can do it once a week or just after you wash the dishes.

Your Sink Smells than Clean your drains gradually and frequently each day. 

This method will stop the dirt and food granules from collecting and becoming an issue later. Additionally, it makes the task hassle-free and less tiring to do.

Your Sink Smells than Always put on the necessary safety gear while cleaning. 

To protect yourself from the adverse effects of the potent chemicals you employ in cleaning, use wigs, gloves, gas masks, etc. 


What’s causing the foul odor coming out of my sink? 

Sometimes, even after a deep cleaning of a large sink, some food granules or dust get tucked in the drainage pipe, which starts releasing a foul smell after a long decomposition. 

How frequently should I clean the sink?

Keeping your kitchen healthy is essential, so clean the sink daily. One or two times a week, you can also use the tricks we have mentioned above. 

What are the effective ways to freshen a smelly drain?

As mentioned above, cleansing your sink will help stop any unpleasant odors. However, you can use citrus wedges at garbage disposal to produce a pleasant and fresh smell.

What are the rigorous risks of prolonged Hydrogen Sulfide exposure coming from the sink?

The rigorous risks are poisoning, asphyxiation, fire, and explosions.

What happens after breathing in sewer gas?

Depending upon how much you have inhaled, you can have the following issues; 

  • Coughing or short breath
  • Eye irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Inflammation
  • Headaches


From a place where you expect the aroma of fresh food to come to you, the foul smell can be bothersome. We understand your issue, so we came up with the best tricks to help you in this situation. 

But some effort from your side is also much needed. Instead of waiting for the offensive odor to appear before doing anything, it is essential to avoid it from happening in the first place. 

Because precaution is better than cure, you must clean the sink frequently. You must clean your sink every day, especially after every wash or whenever you use the sink. 

We hope you will find the tricks mentioned in the article useful and enjoy reading the article.

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