Where Should I Place A Microwave?

by Kaylyn J

Modern kitchens come equipped with microwaves. It is essential for those who have busy lives. However, there seems to be one thing that people who want to remodel their kitchen or construct a brand-new kitchen rarely think about: where to place the microwave. On the workbench? Over the refrigerator? or in a cabinet? It becomes more perplexing the longer you consider it.

Where Should I Place A Microwave

Where Should I Place A Microwave | Credit: Edwin Tan

Places Other Than The Countertop For A Microwave

It is a necessity nowadays that one of the things you’ll need to have a place for in a kitchen redesign is the microwave. You’ll need to stow the equipment away someplace else since countertop space is typically at a limit. Here are seven locations you can put it without using up valuable prep space:

Over The Range

Particularly for kitchens with limited space, this is a traditional option. The microwave serves as a hood vent, and the microwave is discreetly concealed above your oven. Although over-the-range microwaves are excellent space savings, keep in mind that they typically do not vent as effectively as a stand-alone hood. 

Getting a unique tile feature directly over your range is challenging because the OTR occupies much space over your burner. Given everything, it’s a fantastic utilization area, particularly in kitchens with little room.

Consolidating culinary equipment and saving space can be accomplished by installing your microwave above the range. 

This storage solution is efficient, and it’s so widely used that several stove sets now include an integrated microwave range cover. An over-the-range microwave with a vent might speed up the cooking procedure if you regularly use your microwave for meal preparation. For small kitchens, it’s a brilliant space-saving solution. 

Where Should I Place A Microwave - Over The Range

Where Should I Place A Microwave | Credit: Thomas Bullock

Above The Shelf 

If a compact microwave does, you could hide it in one of the higher cupboards on a rack. Arrange accordingly so your technician can install the necessary socket on the wall in the area where the microwave will be. Based on the design you select, you might want the microwave rack to extend out a bit beyond your upper cabinets.

Where Should I Place A Microwave - Above The Shelf

Where Should I Place A Microwave | Credit: FOTOGRAFIA INC.

Below The Shelf 

The microwave can be placed on a rack in the bottom closets using the same approach as above. Noting that this necessitates bending over or squatting to identify and remove anything from the microwave, it should be noted that this might not be the ideal option.

If there may be unused room behind the microwave, position it on a rack in your bottom closets. To avoid wasting any cabinet space, a few folks choose this course of action and put it on a shelf at the very end of the cabinet space.

Where Should I Place A Microwave - Below The Shelf

Where Should I Place A Microwave | Credit: JoeGough

Built-in Trim Kit 

By including a trim kit, you could let the microwave appear extra built-in and solid regardless of whether it is in a higher or lower unit. A coordinating steel band that bridges the gap between the microwave and cabinetry makes up the trim kit. Although it’s mainly a decorative decision, it does conceal a spot that you may typically have to maintain spotless over time.

Where Should I Place A Microwave - Built-in Trim Kit

Where Should I Place A Microwave | Credit: snorkulencija

Couple It With A Wall Oven

Placing your microwave over a wall oven could give your kitchen a lovely and modern aesthetic if you find space in the kitchen. It will also raise the microwave to a convenient working level. Keep in mind that some sets have a microwave and an oven built in, or you may configure a wall oven with an independent microwave using the trim kit mentioned above.

Where Should I Place A Microwave - Couple It With A Wall Oven

Where Should I Place A Microwave | Credit: surachetsh

Appliance Wall

A popular design element in the 1960s and 1970s was alignment walls. Most designs permitted two ovens, ideal for families who regularly hosted guests. Thankfully, appliance walls are primarily used nowadays, especially in luxurious kitchens. A microwave oven mounted on an appliance wall improves kitchen productivity and frequently matches the other equipment. Nonetheless, this is not necessarily the most cost-effective choice, especially if additional wiring and cabinetry are required.

Where Should I Place A Microwave - Appliance Wall

Where Should I Place A Microwave | Credit: RossHelen

Inside A Drawer 

Well, a drawer microwave—not *in* a drawer! Microwaves that fit discreetly in the base cabinets or countertop are now available in drawer form. Simply swing it open, place your food inside, and proceed as usual. They cost more than comparable microwave models, but they have great looks!

Where Should I Place A Microwave - Inside A Drawer

Where Should I Place A Microwave | Credit: karamysh

As A Stand-Alone Piece Of Furniture 

Suppose your kitchen has room for more furnishings. In that case, microwave towers are ideal because they are available in various configurations and combinations. As per your requirements, different microwave stand options are available. Conventional microwave platforms can be placed wherever you have space, and angle microwave holders fit perfectly in ordinarily useless nooks of your kitchen. Make your DIY microwave stand if you’re an expert DIYer. You can then alter it as you deem appropriate.

Where Should I Place A Microwave - As A Stand-Alone Piece Of Furniture

Where Should I Place A Microwave | Credit: FreshSplash

Covered Inside A Cabinet 

Lastly, why not conceal the microwave? Like many people who prefer not to display their TV, some prefer never to show the microwave, mainly if they aren’t using it frequently. It can be tucked away within a cabinet or your kitchen. Utilize your pantry if you do not use the microwave frequently or simply can not afford to give up your essential countertop or cupboard space.

Only be sure the type you select would accommodate after it is plugged in. Let the technician understand your ideas so they can place the connection where it’s required and check any code-required safety modifications.

Naturally, the pantry has to be giant sufficient to fit the microwave. Nonetheless, if you do have the room, it is sensible to place your microwave in the pantry as that is where the munchies are kept.

Where Should I Place A Microwave - Below The Shelf

Where Should I Place A Microwave | Credit: JoeGough


All done! There are nine locations besides your countertop where you can set your microwave. However, never let anyone convince you that keeping it on your countertop is a creative faux pas. Various kitchen areas might suit you well, based on your needs and choices for a home layout. Above everything, ensure your microwave is safe, doesn’t obstruct the flow of your kitchen, and is simple to use.

Hopefully, this provides you with several fantastic suggestions regarding where to put this helpful little device in your renovated new kitchen!



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