5 Smart Tips For Hanging Outdoor String Lights

by Kaylyn

The festive season is around the corner! Who doesn’t love to decorate their Hanging Outdoor String Lights with glowing string lights? Having strings of lights in an outdoor space will not only enhance the ambience but brings festive vibes. Besides, these warm lights can also transform a simple balcony, corridor, or outdoor space into a party-ready spot for hosting parties or functions with an extra glow on a chill evening. But, it could be confusing for you to find the right string lights, where to hang them, how many string lights you need for decoration, etc.  

Well, in this blog post, we would like to give you some tips on how to hang string lights outdoors. To learn more, read till the end of the post. 

Choose The Right Strings For Hanging Outdoor String Lights

The beauty of string lights lies in the way you decorate your outdoors. If you creatively hang your lights, the more beautiful illumination you can add to your outdoors. Be it one strand or multiple strands of lights; if you hang them in your corridor or balcony, or outdoors, they will look sleek and simple. 

But before you install the lights, determine which string lights you would like to go for. Based on the space, decide how many string lights you need and which style to choose. Some of the most popular string lights are lantern lights, tiny little lights, Edison bulbs, fairy lights, and rope lights. And, the other important thing you need to consider is outdoor electrical outlets. Make sure you have electrical outlets for the string lights to receive power. If there are no electrical outlets, go for battery-powered string lights or solar-powered string lights. 

Hanging Outdoor String Lights Than Where To Hang Lights 

After purchasing tested string lights, you need to decide how and where to hang them. It will be easy to hang them on balconies, fences, walls, roof eaves, and tree branches. If you plan to hang your string lights for only a few hooks, then suspend them loosely, as it looks great. And ensure you tie them with wire to keep them not falling. 

If you don’t have an appropriate location to hang string lights in your outdoor space, install any 8-10 feet wooden pole or metal pole. Secure one end of the string lights on the pole and the other end to the hooks. You can keep the poles permanently or temporarily. 

Hanging Outdoor String Lights

Hanging Outdoor String Lights

Mark The Height

Once you determine where to hang lights, then decide the height at which you want to hang the string lights. Mark the desired height in your outdoor space with chalk or pencil. Suspend the lights using a measuring tape. Therefore, you can hang the lights evenly at the same height. 

Screw The Hooks

Screw the hooks on the wall with the help of a hammer at the desired height. Cups hooks are the best hooks for hanging string lights. And, If you want to use cup hooks, mark the position of the hooks and drill the wall. 

Hang The String Lights

Hanging string lights is a very simple job. Ask your friend or dear one to hold the plug end at the nearest electrical outlet in your outdoor space. This will make sure that you will have enough length of the wire to reach the power outlet. Stand on a ladder, and secure the string lights through each hook. Use zip ties to secure the strings not to fall. If you’re using Edison bulb string lights, insert the bulbs only after you’ve suspended all the strings. Once the strings are secured in the right place, plug them in and have the prettiest outdoor look. 

Bottom Line

By following these tips, you will have a cosy glow in your outdoors. Hanging string lights outdoors will change the vibe of your home. Moreover, the best string lights in the market are available within your budget, so you need not break the bank. All you have to do is do some research on different string lights, buy enough strings, and hang them at the desired place. Hope these tips help you in creating a warm new outdoor oasis.

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